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What is SBCC?

Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. Taking action on our doorstep as a group of Scotland’s leading businesses, we have joined forces to accelerate the Net Zero journey.

About our Partners

Scottish Business Climate Collaboration Launched to Accelerate Climate Action

The Scottish Business Climate Collaboration (SBCC) is a group of leading corporate businesses with major footprint in Scotland who have joined forces to help lead the fight against climate change, inspire action as a legacy of COP26 and accelerate the just transition to a Net Zero future. 

Participating businesses who have come together to create the Scottish Business Climate Collaboration (SBCC) are from a range of key strategic economic sectors. They are Aggreko; Diageo; EY; FirstGroup; Bank of Scotland; Scottish Power; Scottish Water; and Wood Group.

The eight businesses represent around 25,000 employees in Scotland and 570,000 globally, with more than £92billion in global revenue.

The route to Net Zero cannot be achieved without targeting supply chain carbon.  As leading businesses in Scotland, we must do this in a just manner.

This Climate Action Hub has been developed to engage, enable and support the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, creating a practical step by step programme equipping businesses with the tools and knowledge to achieve Net Zero within their own organisations and in the goods and services they supply.

Introduction to the Scottish Business Climate Collaboration

Introduction to the Scottish Business Climate Collaboration (SBCC)

“Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our generation. Achieving a net-zero future will require unprecedented levels of collaboration and alignment between government, investors, society and the business community. The SBCC offers an ideal platform for businesses in Scotland to engage in this important dialogue and to help shape some of the solutions we need.”
Robin Watson, Chief Executive, Wood