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Aggreko delivers energy solutions so businesses can grow and communities can thrive.

Mines, data centres, sporting events, manufacturing sites – even whole cities – need electricity around the clock. Reliable supplies of energy have never been more critical. Aggreko makes sure its customers have power, heating, and air conditioning when, where and for however long they need it.

Aggreko are sector specialists. They recommend the right choice of energy and rental services to improve productivity. No matter where in the world, no matter how complex the challenge, from rapid-response emergency support to multi-decade investments, Aggreko can provide an energy solution.

Aggreko offers its customers access to the latest, cleanest, and most efficient technologies. They remove the need for customers to invest in and manage energy assets directly. Instead, Aggreko’s customers can focus on their own customers, their communities, and creating a sustainable future.

Sustainability & Supply Chain

Aggreko has developed its own decarbonisation strategy, making its own facilities and operations more efficient with an ambitious Net Zero commitment and also committing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and local emissions from its customer solutions by promoting Greener Upgrade energy solutions.

A key part of Aggreko’s decarbonisation strategy involves its supply chain partners, where they work closely with suppliers to develop products that improve the efficiency of their energy solutions and to identify new technologies that will provide cleaner energy for customers in a way that is scalable, reliable and economically viable.  Aggreko is committed to working with suppliers to encourage sustainable business practices to make a positive change throughout the whole value chain.