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Waste Group Update

Published 16th Dec 21 - by rosiewatts

The Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Waste and Resource Use Category Group has been hugely popular amongst School Partners since its inception in early 2019.  Nearly half the School’s partners are members of this group, comprising of client organisations, prime contractors, FM service providers, utility companies, industry stakeholders, materials and service suppliers.

Chaired by Matt Nichols of Reconomy, the people that make this group tick are armed with a wide range of skills and backgrounds, including procurement, operational, sustainability, marketing and product development roles.

We meet quarterly, influencing and developing the School’s activities, resources and strategy for waste and resource efficiency. In recent weeks subject matter tackled has included; designing out waste, improving circularity, preparation for the Plastic Packaging Tax, encouraging more use of Material Exchange Platforms via the School’s “MEP Map” and a major project focusing on how to reduce waste throughout the entire construction lifecycle.

We are always keen to welcome new group members especially from School Partners who are not yet represented.  Please do consider joining us.

The Group’s next meeting is February 2022. If you would like to discuss anything in particular, or are interested in joining the Group itself, please contact Mark Turner or Naomi Pratt

To find out more about the Waste and Resource Efficiency Group please click here.